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SubSearch Plus
SubSearch Plus by TimeClock Plus

SubSearch Plus

Designed with administrators in mind, TimeClock Plus replaces outdated manual systems that waste valuable time searching for a qualified substitute with a more efficient solution. With SubSearch Plus, streamline the communication process between teachers and substitutes to create an organized system for your district workforce.

Benefits of SubSearch Plus


  • View transactions in real time
  • Receive up to the minute notifications
  • Utilize an innovative design and simple workflow
  • Notify specific substitutes on demand
  • Control which groups receive notifications and when


  • Save time by narrowing the field for qualified substitutes
  • Remove stress by selecting the right applicant for your class
  • Create personalized messages to guide substitutes
  • Take last minute sick days or time-off for family emergencies
  • Customize requests to meet the needs of unique schedules for coaches, bus drivers, etc...


  • Create schedules to highlight unavailability
  • Receive exclusive offers as a requested substitute
  • Collaborate with teachers to be more prepared
  • Accept offers from MobileClock or WebClock
  • Receive up to the minute notifications via SMS messages, email, and push notifications

The Features

The Preferred List

Within SubSearch, teachers have the ability to select a specific substitute to cover their absence. These “Requested Substitutes” are then automatically added to the teacher’s preferred list and can be accessed in the future for additional absences.

Personalized Messages
Personalized Messages

Teachers can send personalized messages to substitutes to establish a more clear process of communication. These messages can be customized to outline details of class protocol for the substitute to follow.

Unavailability Schedules
Unavailability Schedules

SubSearch allows substitutes to set specific specific days of unavailability or to use the Unavailability Wizard in TimeClock Plus to define regular patterns of unavailability. As soon as a substitute opts out of a particular segment, they will no longer be available for that segment and will not be notified of any requests during that period. This option is ideal for substitutes who have other jobs or who are attending school themselves.

The Process

SubSearch Plus allows teachers to submit time-off requests and select a specific substitute they want to cover their absence, this is referred to as a “Requested Substitute”. These substitutes will have an exclusive, limited window that will stay available until an offer is accepted through WebClock or MobileClock.

Personalized Messages

If a specifically requested substitute does not accept an offer within a limited time threshold, the offer will be sent to preferred substitutes to respond within a particular time frame. In the case that the position is still unfilled, the vacancy will be sent to all substitutes in the system.

Once an offer is accepted, it is then dropped and administrators are immediately notified via email, SMS, or push notifications.

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