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Tech Support for TimeClock Plus v7
TimeClock Plus Technical Support

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Our Support Staff at TimeClock Plus will work one on one with you to deliver immediate results and help create a resolution for your software or hardware needs by chat, email, or over the phone. Our Customer Support Representatives specialize in specific business sectors and versions of the software to make sure that your answers are always the best fit for your industry. With dedicated customer service, you can ensure you will always be talking with a real person with knowledge about your software ready to troubleshoot any problem or issue in a timely manner.

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Our trained and dedicated support team is always ready to take your call and find the right solution! Whether you need help breaking down job codes, running reports or want some useful learning tips and tricks to streamline your daily workforce management, use our support team help to simplify your work day.

Phone support hours are 7am - 7pm, Mon - Fri.

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Troubleshoot any problems right from the website without having to use the phone! Just chat in with our support team and let them find a solution for your organization.

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When you have questions that are not urgent in nature, or would like to get some answers while you’re tied up in meetings, email us. Using the form below tell us who you are, and what you need to know, and we will route your question to the proper personnel. We typically respond within 1 business day.

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