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Time & Attendance with TimeClock Plus v7

Time and Attendance Systems Tailored to Fit Your Company's Needs

Workforce Management

For the past 30 years, TimeClock Plus® has provided robust time and attendance solutions to our customers, offering innovative timekeeping systems to control labor cost and efficiently manage attendance policies. Our employee time management systems are available in many configurations to meet the diverse needs of organizations across the country.

Using TimeClock Plus v7, clients who prefer the simplicity of cloud computing enjoy an entirely web-based, easily configurable, time and attendance system that allows them to track and report the labor and employee information that matters most, and does so in real-time, without delay. Our employee time collection methods give your workforce simple, user-friendly ways to clock in or out, and to perform employee self-service functions such as viewing schedules, requesting time off and viewing hours worked. Our TimeClock Plus v7 software is also available for On-Premise (perpetual license) deployment when SaaS is not required.

Whether your organization is in the public or private sector, we have an employee time keeping system for you to improve workforce productivity and optimize business processes. With over 60 reports like Overtime Reports, Payroll Exporting, and even Birthday Reports, your management team has the ability to obtain the information they need to complete day-to-day tasks and make better, more cost-effective decisions.

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Mobile Solutions

With TimeClock Plus's mobile solutions, ensure that your management team and employees have access to clock operations wherever they may go. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, you'll always be up-to-date with the latest TimeClock Plus mobile offerings.

Critical Features Icon

Critical Features

The critical features of TimeClock Plus v7 at your fingertips

Employee Status Icon

Employee Status

Offers real-time status updates of your employee workforce for timely, actionable decisions

Employee Messaging Icon

Employee Messaging

Communicate quickly and effectively with a single employee or your entire workforce through any time collection device in your network

Customizable Dashboard Icon

Customizable Dashboard

Tailor-built Dashboards allow you to access the information that matters to you most quickly

TimeClock Plus v7 Mobile Manager Dashboard

Absence Management

Not only does TimeClock Plus v7 eliminate paper timesheets when tracking your employees' attendance, but also eliminates paperwork for processing employees' leave requests. Employees can request time off within the WebClock, using a fully automated, streamlined process, creating a user-friendly experience for both employees and managers.

Before requesting time off, employees can view their accruals in the WebClock via the "View Accruals" tab. This access allows employees to make informed decisions and plans about their time off requests in the future and prevents ineligible time off.

Employees can request leave through the WebClock or directly through a terminal. Once a leave request has been made, a message is sent to management notifying them of a new leave request. Managers are then able to quickly approve or deny leave requests with one click of a button, sending an approval or denial notification to the employee, completing the leave request process.

TimeClock Plus v7 Absence Management
  • Customized Dashboard

    Customized Dashboard allows you to view the widgets and information that matter most to you

  • Employee Messaging

    Employee Messaging lets you read and send messages and bulletins company wide

  • Employee Status

    Employee Status gives you a real-time, actionable snapshot of your workforce

Advanced Scheduler

With the Advanced Scheduler, we've enhanced our TimeClock Plus v7 Scheduler to make it even more powerful. Now you can efficiently manage and schedule your employees, minimize gaps in schedules, and do away with uncovered shifts.

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