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Time Collection for TimeClock Plus v7

Powerful and Simple to Use Time Collection

Time Collection

Employee Time Collection and Reporting

Every business and organization has unique time and attendance needs, so we built the best employee time and attendance solution on the market, TimeClock Plus. Deployed as either an online time clock service or an on-premise licensed solution, employees enjoy the simplicity of our integrated time collection devices.

Commercially designed and built to endure years of use, our entire line of electronic employee time clocks come with a full one-year parts and labor warranty. Available in dozens of configurations, our electronic timeclocks will serve to fill the needs of your organization, or we will configure specialized clocks tailored to meet those needs.

Seamlessly integrated with your server, our RDTg 300 and 400 series time clocks automatically send time collected directly to your database, in real-time. There is no need for polling or manual import of data between our time clocks and your database. In addition, in the event of network failure, each employee time clock can be enabled with Fallback Mode that ensures your employees are able to continue with time clock operations, even when the clock has been temporarily disconnected from your network.

Our Standard Line of Time Collection Devices:

  • Pin Pad time clocks
  • Badge or card swipe time clocks
  • Biometric time clocks
  • Biometric hand scanner time clocks
  • Mobile devices for time clock operations(iOS, Android)
  • On Screen time clocks
  • Telephone time clocks

Self Service

In addition to clocking in and out, our clocks allow your employees to complete other self-service functions such as:

RDTg pin entry with keyboard

  • Clocking Operations
  • Change Departments
  • View Messages From Management
  • View Schedules
  • Leave on a Break
  • Change Job Codes
  • View Hours Worked

Pin Entry & Card Swipe Clocks

Built to stand up to the test, our Pin Entry and Card Swipe Clocks do the work for you. Easy to install and operate, every clock is guaranteed to help control your time. The only difficult task is deciding which one you want.

Biometric Clocks

Biometric time and attendance clocks are the flagships in our list of employee time collection devices, utilizing employee fingerprints or hand scans to authenticate each employee when performing electronic time clock operations.

Software Clocks

TimeClock Plus with v7 have simplified the standard by giving you control over your time and attendance solution. Whether it's a Webclock, MobileClock, or TelClock, pick the perfect solution for your company.

TimeClock Plus v7 WebClock and MobileClock


Conveniently accessed through your web browser, WebClock allows employees to perform clocking operations and self-service actions directly from a computer in the office. Through WebClock, employees can quickly clock in and out, go on break, change departments and cost codes, submit time off requests, and even submit time-sheets all through one seamless, easy-to-use interface.


Our Mobile app allows the employee infinite access from any available location to manage data. When the app is in "Offline Mode" (disconnected from the network or WIFI), data is still stored until the device is reconnected to a network. Once reconnected, the data is automatically sent to the database for real-time viewing. The app also provides management a GPS snapshot of where clock operations were done, ensuring you that your employees are at the right place at the right time.


TelClock allows employees to clock in, clock out, or view hours from any available location on a supported telephone by dialing a designated number or extension. In addition, all information will be immediately sent to your database in real-time.

Aside from clocking operations, TelClock also allows employees to access Self-Service features.

TimeClock Plus v7 TelClock

TelClock Features

  • Go On Break
  • Change Job Code
  • Rounding
  • Hear Time Worked
  • Substitute Module
  • Enter Tracked Field Entries
  • Missed Punches
  • Restrictions

Clock Add-Ons

TimeClock Plus supports a wide array of clock accessories, including bells, alerts, barcode scanners, and external prox readers (HID, CASI RUSCO, INDALA, AWID, & KERI).

TimeClock Plus Alert Device
TimeClock Plus CCD Scanner
TimeClock Plus Bell Alert
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