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Time & Attendance Solutions for Transportation

On the Highway to Success with TimeClock Plus

Workforce Management for Transportation

With a robust network of bus, rail, subway, boat routes, schedules, and stations, efficiently managing your workforce is crucial to providing dependable transit to the public.

From transit operators and drivers to dispatchers and administrative personnel, accurately track the attendance of your diverse workforce with TimeClock Plus. Deployed as an On-Premise or On Demand solution, customize TimeClock Plus to fit the needs of your company and employees.

With features like automated time collection, advanced scheduling, and robust reporting, our suite of products gives your organization a user-friendly solution to increase efficiency and optimize workforce productivity. Bidirectional integration with ERP systems allows managers to maintain a single source of record tracking employee attendance, qualifications, and assisting with the payroll process.

Manage costs of labor, minimize unnecessary overtime, and mitigate the risk of labor regulation non-compliance with a complete and scalable time and attendance solution.

Time Collection for Transportation

TimeClock Plus provides your public transportation authority with a variety of time collection methods to create a customized time and attendance experience to fit the needs of each unique department and location. From quick and easy clock terminals at headquarters to mobile clocks for your employees out on the road, ensure accurate, real-time data collection. With seamless data transfer, enable your managers to make educated workforce decisions to control costs of labor, mitigate risk of non-compliance, and create a streamlined experience for your payroll professionals in the business office.

Legal Compliance for Transportation

With a large and diverse workforce, accurately tracking ACA compliance can be difficult. The Benefit Status Monitor for TimeClock Plus v7 accurately tracks the status of all of your employees from your hourly to salaried employees. This intuitive module allows your managers to efficiently view the real-time status of your employees to ensure that those who are eligible are offered benefits.

For larger workforces, the FMLA Module for TimeClock Plus v7 provides an automated solution to track FMLA for both managers and employees. Eligible employees are able to request FMLA leave directly from the clocking terminal. Once the request is entered, managers can view this request and track the progress of the customized case from start to finish.

Easily track FMLA leave from the instant your employees submit a leave request through the WebClock or terminal with the FMLA Module for TimeClock Plus v7. This user-friendly utility streamlines the FMLA leave tracking process, creating customized cases, allowing both managers and employees to monitor progress in real-time, ensuring FMLA compliance from start to finish.

With multiple departments, locations, shifts, and pay rates managing overtime of your multifaceted workforce can be tedious to track manually. Mitigate the risk of FLSA non-compliance with automated time collection and customizable tools that allow your company to calculate overtime to specific regulatory standards. TimeClock Plus gives your administrators the power to make time-sensitive labor force decisions to manage employe overtime with real-time, actionable employee data effectively.
Maintaining employee and transit operator compliance with DOT licensicng and certifications is crucial for the safety of drivers and their passengers. TimeClock Plus provides an intuitive suite of products to effectively monitor employee qualifications with bi-directional integration with your HRIS source of record and automated notifications when an employee's certification is expiring.
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