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Time & Attendance with TimeClock Plus v7

Why TimeClock Plus?

Why people choose our time and attendance software

We are the experts in time and attendance software. We’ve built a robust, best-in-class technology solution, and we’ve fine-tuned our implementation and service over 30 years of constantly going above and beyond for our customers. We have helped thousands of organizations with advanced scheduling, employee scheduling, access control, and more.

We apply our expertise to work for you. We do what no one else will do. Why? Because we care. We care for our customers like family, and we do whatever it takes to make sure they’re taken care of. They deserve time and attendance software that works every time, their way.

You care about employee scheduling. You care about paying your people accurately, on time, and without any of the problems that slow down the business, create problems for HR, or increase costs. You also know that the complexities of your business require a sophisticated solution, and you won’t settle for anything less. Because you want time and attendance done right.

That’s why you come to TimeClock Plus.

The TimeClock Plus Approach

We can provide you with the best value because we are fanatical about what we do, and our TimeClock Plus v7 is the most flexible, fast, and friendly time and attendance solution available.


A solution is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Over the last several years, the time and attendance industry has seen its share of change. Corporate mergers, company buyouts, and business dissolutions can create concerns for purchasers looking to make the right decision for their organization. When it comes to business critical solutions, you want to pick a company that you know will be there tomorrow and will keep the promises they made. You want a company that is fanatical about their people, their product, and their customers.

TimeClock Plus has been helping organizations of all sizes automate their workforce management needs since 1988. For almost three decades, the same leadership team at TimeClock Plus has held true to the vision of creating the most powerful time and attendance products in the market today with the best value to the client. And the team does it with fanatical dedication. That combination of fanaticism, excellence, and ethics has permeated through the entire company. More than 60,000 customers worldwide trust their time and attendance needs to TimeClock Plus and the client feedback shows why TimeClock Plus has an outstanding reputation. "It has been our experience that the employees at TimeClock Plus really care about their customers and make every attempt to keep them happy," -Judy, Stephen F. Austin University

You can count on TimeClock Plus to address your needs and stand by every commitment. In today's business environment, that's sometimes enough to set you miles apart from the competition.


When it comes to performance, few browser-based products measure up to the speed of TimeClock Plus. Innovative web design methods are incorporated into TimeClock Plus to offer the fastest time and attendance product in the market. The development staff is constantly refactoring the code. That means that our development staff continually takes the existing code and works to improve functionality. TimeClock Plus is a lightweight, ultra-responsive and dynamic solution that rivals the speed of any client-server application.

"The application is very responsive because only the data necessary to support the presentation and updating of the information within the application is transferred back and forth. HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript client components are loaded and cached in the browser, or packaged in the mobile apps, and thus do not need to be transferred back and forth while the application is being used. And on the server side, the application is very responsive because we have tuned the web service operations to be fast and architected them so that they are scalable, able to support all the way from very small companies to very large companies, within perpetual installations or within the cloud." -Dr. Steve Bannerman, Chief Technology Officer, TimeClock Plus

When we say it's fast, we mean it's lightning fast.



Web design provides the ultimate customizability. When it comes to designing a web-based application, there are no rules. A window does not have to be a square shape. Title bars, toolbars, and unrecognizable icons are design elements to the past. In web design, you are only limited by your imagination. And since anything goes, you want to make sure there is extensive thought into the design. TimeClock Plus researched all the UX/UI (user experience/user interface) techniques with one goal in mind - to create the most approachable and friendly interface. With v7, you'll see organized options, soft colors, and plenty of clean, open space. This is because we know you'll be using this solution all day and we know that being easy on the eye makes your job easier.



From a software development perspective, flexible software could mean a few different things. It could mean that the software is developed in a way that the code may be adapted or extended to provide new functionality without a major redesign. From an end-user perspective, flexibility means you want to be able to use it anytime and anywhere. You want to be able to customize it, to personalize it, to be able to prioritize the features and information you want when you want it. TimeClock Plus v7 is the most flexible time and attendance solution on the market. From defining user permissions to customized dashboard widgets, v7 will without a doubt, provide you with the very best flexibility which ultimately means you manage what matters most to you.

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